Monday, May 23, 2011

A New Blog; A New Beginning

Welcome to my newest blog!

I’ve been on-line since November 2009 when I began the Creative Codependence Blog. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring codependence or, what Charles Whitfield calls, the “human condition” but I needed a new perspective. So, 87 articles later, I start again. This time I come at it from the opposite of codependence — interdependence.

Interdependence, like codependence, is multi-faceted. While both define intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics they can also describe how the world spins: government, industry, schools and other institutions can also manifest these behaviours. Interestingly though, when comparing the two, it can be sometimes difficult to identify what dynamic is at play. Many codependent realtionships, whether corporate or personal, appear to run smooth, eliciting fewer challenges than their more interdependently run entities.

Isn’t interdependence supposed to be the bed of roses?

The reason behind this deceptive ease is that interdependence is challenging. As opposed to codependence, interdependence demands that we stand up and take notice. Moreover, it is not always the easiest route, nor always the pretty one: conflicts are faced; compromises made; egos are questioned. It requires conscious awareness and, therefore, a creative response to life that is built on a foundation of respect, mutuality and self leadership. Codependence, on the other hand, is an unconscious reaction to life — a default way of living usually learned from a young age. Hidden and unresolved conflicts tend to direct the show with the actors on stage being just that, actors doing their best to be seen and heard with whatever it takes.

With this new blog I will explore what it means to live interdependently. What challenges do we face when we turn our focus towards conscious awareness? Is compromise always necessary in interdependence and what does a creative response to life actually mean? And how do you respect another who is disrespectful or abusive? From this viewpoint we’ll look at the environment, climate change, politics, and current events; consumerism, fair trade and educational philosophies; internal and external relationships, sports, art and spirituality. In fact, the field is open.

I welcome your thoughts, comments, questions and answers. We are entering exciting times. Let’s talk. As Victor Frankl wrote: “We [need] to stop asking about the meaning of life, and instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life …”

My next blog will address some of the challenges we face when looking at the environment from an interdependent eye.


  1. Love this new perspective. I look forward to travelling this road with you.

  2. This sounds fantastic Jo-Ann....I am excited to learn more...
    Lots of Love

  3. Thanks Bonnie, Carla... looking forward to hearing your comments and definitely some answers to questions I pose. J

  4. Well, what Monbiot says sounds true. But...I think what you and others of us are doing by starting in our own back yard - so to speak - is a good first step. Even by writing about what you do to reduce your foot-print encourages your readers to keep on/or begin doing their bit. You are indeed only one, but, you are not an island, we are affected by what you do. Bonnie

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