Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Moment

Nostalgia swept over as
rain surprised me one warm June day.
It had been so long.
I sat inside
half wanting to close the blinds, 
shutter myself in and
reminisce of cool October days 
falling like leaves.

But the summer drops 
tapped lightly on my window and 
warm wind stirred as Black Locust 
leaves giggled as children 
running through a sprinkler.

So, I sat inside 

            the moment.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

And the Sky Opened Up

I danced for years, uncertain
of the ground beneath my feet,
tentative and unsteady, clumsy even
but dance, I did. And
the rhythm kept calling
until the roots I so longed for, answered.

I kept dancing, reveling in the earth’s
soft cadence. It filled my soul, enriched my breath,
strengthened my stance.
I needed no more.

What needs can there be when you are finally home?

So, I ignored the heights above, afraid I was,
it would pull me away, adrift for ever
in its cerulean expanse.

I feared its power to sway, to move, to lead. I feared it
taking over, taking control, and then,
the ground I knew, gone.

That would never happen again I had sworn. 

Until, one day, I stood beneath a Fir whose branches reached as high as my roots below. She said: take a chance, I am here; trust me.

My heart, embraced in bark, nodded and the sky opened up.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Politics and Yoga: Never the twain shall meet

Okay, Om the Bridge is cancelled. Sad for some; a relief, I imagine, for many. I am not going to rehash what was said and done these last few days except to query Premier Christy Clark’s final tweet on the subject. She wrote: "Yoga Day is a great opportunity to celebrate peace and harmony — it's not about politics. I don’t intend to participate.”

Huh. One would think that is exactly what politics should be about.

What if, the art and science of government, as politics is defined by the Oxford Dictionary, was about peace and harmony. What if it was about bringing diverse people together, resolving conflict in a mutually beneficial way, and practicing respectful and united pluralism? What if politics truly was one big yoga session?

What if, indeed?

Imagine getting our elected representatives to bring their yoga mats to the front lawn of the Parliament Buildings. Perhaps we would see Elizabeth May helping Stephen Harper adjust his tree pose or Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau saluting the sun together. Perhaps then we would see some cooperation instead of fractious fighting—it’s hard to be aggressive when you’re doing the downward dog.  

If this proves successful, maybe we could move on to the oil sands where everyone does their share of politicking: oil men and women, environmentalists and First Nations alike. I can see all parties sitting in the lotus position sharing opinions, fears, desires and hopes. Maybe then we could find a path through this treacherous maze to find a solution where not only water and land is protected but the economy thrives.

What a novel idea.

And you, Ms Clark? I have no doubt your desire to do good this day was, indeed, sincere. But please, next time, take a few cleansing breaths, maybe chant an Om or two, and then check the calendar before you make such vast declarations. Yoga may be good for your health but ignoring and, many would argue, disrespecting the First Nations on their day of celebration is not a stellar example of the art and science of government.

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