Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spectator Sports

“Complicity is not sudden, though it occurs in an instant.” Barbara Coloroso

Now I must add my two-bits in on the Canuck riots. I am not the first to ask but I question the value of those who stood idly by while fires were set; stores were looted. No, my mistake, there was no idleness here: myriad of photos and videos were taken by those spectators during the evening hours of June 15. And yes, while those photos have proved invaluable in identifying the perpetrators, if the social media had not been there, would there have been as much violence? In other words, how much fuel did the picture taking milieu add to the mix? In standing by with cell phones held up high to capture the drama, were they not as complicit as those that verbally or physically encouraged the acts of violence?

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