Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Compassion Farms

I’ve mentioned Compassion Farms (run by Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw) in a previous article. As I write this their organic farm is pending closure due to an inappropriate use of the local by-laws. The Lantzville council and certain members of the press are blatantly ignoring the facts and opinions of a large number of Vancouver Islanders who support their right to grow food on their lot. Read this article or watch the video to find out more.

I leave the last word to Nicole:

In summary, it is very important how we as a community, as a society and as a culture frame this issue. This is not simply an issue of a bylaw. This issue is a matter of sustainability in general, food sustainability, food security and basic human rights. Furthermore, this issue also addresses and delves into our societal values. It begs the question, at this point in time, with what we now know, what do we value more: unbridled development (further destroying farmland, our food system and our ability to feed ourselves by building yet more golf courses and shopping malls on farmland) or do we value our health, that of our children’s and the health of our environment – our earth which we depend on for our health and our survival. The future is for us to decide. Let us decide now.

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