Monday, February 18, 2013

Where Does the Heart Lie?

Where does the heart lie in the ashes?
Among the bones and teeth
The calcium phophate of what remains.
Ashes that once were my grandfather, my nana,
My mom.
Where does the heart lie?
So long ago, they used these remains to walk, to run, to raise children.
These ashes once held the seeds of my heart and now ….
Now what?
There is nothing left but bone fragments.
Where does the heart lie?

It is so weary, my heart.
It does not want to break again, to lie hurt and wounded;
It wants to run and jump; it so wants to dance.
Where does my heart lie?
In the ashes: bruised and sorrowful.

Today a wind blows.
It arises from the earth: nourished from the roots of the cedars, the firs;
washed clean with the tears of the past.
It sings, and swirls around me, laughing, teasing—
Vertiginous as I fall into the wide open expanse.
Where does the heart lie when the ashes are no more?

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