Saturday, May 10, 2014


Courage is said to be many things but I think it most aptly describes the facing of one's fears. Sometimes it is instantaneous, other times it takes years of learning to believe in oneself before the fear is finally faced.

This is me holding Hades, my step-son’s one metre long boa constrictor. The interesting thing about Hades is his tendency to get real close to your face, smelling your presence with his flickering tongue ... he lets you practice facing your fears with instant feedback.

Here is another definition, the kind that may take years…

Courage is waking up from a dream, realizing it was fantasy, and then opening your heart to dream anew.

Or maybe it just comes down to one word: trust.

To be courageous is to trust: ourselves, our interconnectedness; the innate goodness of life and all who live it. 

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  1. What an amazing picture Jo-Ann! Also, it takes courage to face the deepest parts of ourselves; acknowledge and cherish the wisdom they hold for us. And, once faced, the expansion it brings to our lives.