Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Dance

Towering above me
the trees sway, their grace
an ancient power
moving within. I breathe in their gift;
the journey begins.

It’s not easy,
this path within.
I have traversed it many times only
to end up lost in the darkness—
retracing my steps
from the half eaten breadcrumbs
I conveniently thought to lay. I didn’t trust.

It is hard to trust when fear binds the way
but neither is it easy to move on. It is a dance
of uncertainty.

The trees pay no mind,
Just continue their sway,
their whisper a truth: fear
is but a myth.

I have walked with fear all my life:
of the dark, of authority;
of displeasing others. Mostly,
I have been fearful of not being enough—
of failing, and of others bearing witness
to who I thought I was.

I look up at the swaying boughs
as their whispers gains strength.
Impossible not to hear now,
have they always been that loud?

I ponder my fears and
the losses they promise: of control,
of power, of identity—
a tightening of the heart, a
squeezing out of light and joy.  A fear
of love.

A small bird darts past 
into the safe spaces beneath the trees, a raven calls
in the distance and the wind, always the wind, 
encourages me to dance to the rhythm
that calls itself fear.

I dance to the trees, to the earth, the sky and the waters.
I dance to the authority I feared and the power I lost.
I dance to the birds and the fern, the squirrels and the moss.
I dance to my jealousies and resentments and unfound judgments.
I dance to all the people I have hurt and to those that have hurt me.
I dance to light and joy. I dance to the darkness and fear. I dance. I dance.
I dance to love.

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  1. Jo-Ann, your writing whispers truths to my heart. My head tries to ignore, disbelieve, unhear. And always, my heart finds a rythmn that acknowledges your wisdom. I feel honoured to believe we dance the same dance.