Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Hero's Journey

But a Spark unknown
to all except those
who have come before, she lies
alone. The water, her life blood, does not
nurture; she tries not to drown but
her feet weigh her down; only the crown
stays above. Safety lies in getting

Out. Escape. Away.
Back to where she came from.
Back home.

She pours out with the water & a flash
of light, too bright, the crown closes and
Spark disappears.
Nowhere to go.
Home is no more. Fears
of drowning keep her alive. Distrust
keeps her moving.

She flies, chases the clouds of other lives, hides in the space left vacant by one she doesn’t know, presumed gone, dead; escaped when there was still time.

Then one day
she looks ahead and sees:
Spark. It was there all along.
It never left. It was just waiting to be

Seen. Acknowledged. Validated.
In the Trees, the Stones, the Sky and
Earth. She found home.
Within her  heart.

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1 comment:

  1. So fitting to describe the dawn of a new day just breaking here in Victoria, Canada. Light illuminating the underbellies of low clouds on the horizon, now brightening.