Sunday, September 8, 2019


I hit a bird today driving too fast down a vacant road to somewhere I need to go when I hit a bird flying while driving but didn’t slow down until I did and turned back but how could I find the bird flying I hit while driving somewhere too fast on a road too empty and full with bush and grass while I am too full and empty on how to make amends to a bird I cannot find when driving somewhere I need to go and time is flying along the road where there is no bird and lots of bush and grass and full and empty thoughts of what to do to move to run to fix to


I drive.
I breathe.
I breathe again.
I breathe deeper.
I stop.

Light and Shadow
move through me.

I dream of flying
soaring with Raven the sky beyond
beyond the sorrow
beyond the darkness beyond
me. But Raven says no, go back
witness what cannot be undone.

I dream of sleeping
lying on Moss, water soft
and green with morning
adrift in search for redempion
and the freedom beyond
me. But Moss says no, wake up
witness what is done.

Shadow and Light
move through me.

I dream of Rock and the trance
dissolves. Stillness wakes my heart.
I step inside and see
the bird, the bugs
dead on my windshield
the grass crushed
under my tires.

I stop. I breathe.
I bear witness.

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