Sunday, November 3, 2019

Coming Home

Sink down below the surface
of lists and texts, errands and
emails. Slide under
phones and ipads, meetings and
contracts, things not done and
things to do. Sink down.

Leave behind
success and failure, hurt
and resentment, what you must have
and what you never will.
Let it all go as you sink down.

Sink down below all
you have built, the walls
and defenses,the abyss of denial;
the chasms of guilt. Shrug off the hierarchy
you have internalized and peel away the
the echelons that were never yours.
Sink down.

Sink down below the stories
you told and those told
about you. Sink down below
the masks and facades, your chosen
fate and the destiny
of bloodlines. Sink down.

Sink down until solitude
is all that remains. Be quiet.
Be still. Let feelings arise: the anger
that simmers and the fear
that emboldens. Sink down
into their close, unyielding
embrace and embrace them back. Know them
as your own and uncover their needs
for safety and their desires
for love. Cradle them, cherish them;
respect them. Let their voices be heard
and then

                            LET GO

                                          Let go of everything again: the pain, the sorrow, the needs, the desires. Let every cell dance with the release of what was. Let the rhythm unwind and weave through trees and over mountains. Sing out loud; sing with joy. Dance as you let go with what you thought was truth. Dance with what you knew were lies. Dance fast and dance spinning; dance yourself alive and dance yourself free. Dance until your body is spent and the emptiness complete. Dance until there is no more

but the breath in your body.
Now breathe.

With each inhale know you have nothing
to forgive and nothing to be forgiven. Let go
the shame. Let go the power
you crave and the power that hurts.
Free yourself from resentments that
deaden your soul and the worry that you are
not enough. Breathe. Look around.
Receive the totemic offerings
of fire and water, earth and sky and sink
further, deep and deeper still
within this chthonic humus of ancient bone
and blood, fur and feather. Sink down
and breathe. Breathe in those who came
before and those who will come after. Breathe in the
forgotten ones who embrace you with care and those
you will always remember. Breathe. Breathe in
the wisdom of limestone cathedrals 
and rocks that glow with an inner light. Breathe.
Breathe and let the earth sink within you.
Breathe in her rhythm, breathe in
her silence, breathe in her stillness. Breathe. 
You are home.

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