Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Call

You call at the oddest of times
driving down the highway or
racing to a meeting. I want
to reach out, let you know I hear but
the road keeps moving and the
pace, too fast. Besides,
stopping is hard.

You used to call more, years ago
when I was young. I felt you
then, a visceral sense of
standing on a cliff, waiting
for the right moment to step out. 
You filled me with possibility and wonder but
the what ifs grew too big. I got scared. 
I got older.

And now, times have changed. The world has changed.
We are alone and together
with fears abundant.  While the road
no longer drives the pace
our minds still hustle 
for control              I park the car.
I place my feet on the ground. Silence
surrounds and my ears strain to hear, wanting, waiting:
Tell me what to do, who do be, where to go, how to live. 
Tell me! Tell me!

And then,
what if?

What if I don’t hear?
What if I don't understand?
What if there's nothing?

I drive on
the silence
too great
to trust.

What if?

Today under Garry Oaks, draped
in Lichen and Moss; leaves vibrant
against a bruised sky, I hear the call.
I stop. Stillness seeps into my heart.
There are no words.
There is no need.
There is no do.

I’m here.

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