Friday, March 28, 2014

The Solace of Spring

My Heart Cries 

My heart cries today   
perhaps, no reason 
but I hear the seagulls call out
their message carried over the waves 
of souls lost and those not found. 

My heart cries today  
no true sorrow of my own.
I have riches of creativity; a
deep belief in the magic of life.
For whom does it cry? Perhaps,
for those who don’t.

My heart cries today
for the injustices of the world.
The fears that stop us from acting; the
pride that stop us from asking how. My heart
cries for those not seen; and those not heard.

I was told today to count my blessings. 
This stranger had no time for my story.
How petty it seems but 
perhaps,my heart cries for me.

* Photo is of Helen Theilmann's sculpture "Overflow IV"

The Solace of Spring

There is space
within the call of spring, that
allows my skin to ease: to rest
and yearn no more.
It is here, in the chase of winter
I find solace.

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