Saturday, November 22, 2014

Complicit by Oil

Christmas is coming. Freighters dot English Bay with increasing numbers, store windows light up and traffic is a nightmare. Our consumeristic blood bubbles over with sudden urges to buy as TV, the internet, radio and print urges us to spend, spend and spend some more. And while this alone is troublesome what compounds it is that our desires tend to be made of oil by-products or come to us by means of petroleum-fueled planes, ships and trains. 

I look in the mirror. Even though I have long opted out of buying gifts for others at Christmas I know I am still part of this seemingly endless oil-based cycle: I use a computer; drive my father’s car; wear polypro and listen to CDs. I use copiers, a cell phone and ride the bus; use Q-tips, sleeping bags and band-aids. I have two pair of glasses, put my garbage in plastic and may one day need hearing aids and antihistamines. I wear mascara, sunscreen and my apartment is carpeted. The list goes on. For a longer (but not complete list) click here.

I am against the Kinder Morgan expansion through Burnaby Mountain and the Enbridge pipeline across my beloved BC. I don’t want oil tankers navigating their way through our most vulnerable coast and I abhor the thought of trains derailing and spilling toxic chemicals. I’m an unapologetic tree hugger yet I know I am complicit.

Please look at this list and consider ways to decrease your oil consumption especially during this time of the year when excess can seem the norm. We are the ones who are ultimately responsible. Industry only gives us what we demand.

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