Sunday, June 21, 2015

And the Sky Opened Up

I danced for years, uncertain
of the ground beneath my feet,
tentative and unsteady, clumsy even
but dance, I did. And
the rhythm kept calling
until the roots I so longed for, answered.

I kept dancing, reveling in the earth’s
soft cadence. It filled my soul, enriched my breath,
strengthened my stance.
I needed no more.

What needs can there be when you are finally home?

So, I ignored the heights above, afraid I was,
it would pull me away, adrift for ever
in its cerulean expanse.

I feared its power to sway, to move, to lead. I feared it
taking over, taking control, and then,
the ground I knew, gone.

That would never happen again I had sworn. 

Until, one day, I stood beneath a Fir whose branches reached as high as my roots below. She said: take a chance, I am here; trust me.

My heart, embraced in bark, nodded and the sky opened up.

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