Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Blog and New Book

Ta Da! Trumpets are a-blaring and drums a-rolling … well, maybe just in my overactive imagination. .. and, yes, it could also be the result of the wine I am currently drinking. Regardless, I am celebrating!  My memoir, Notes from the Bottom of the Box: The Search for Identity by a Modern-Day Renaissance Woman, is complete. 

Ten months of sorting notes, adding words, rearranging thoughts, ideas and supposed truths—and then deleting much of what I thought was “pure genius”—the query letter to the first of potential literary agents has been sent off. 

Starting today, I will submit weekly excerpts of my memoir, to my newest blog, The Modern-Day Renaissance Woman, a.k.a. MDRW.  

And… as said potential literary agents do like their prospective clients to be self-marketing geniuses, please like MDRW’s face page

Thanks for your support!

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