Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Gift

I leaned today against a tree and watched
as those around me
drank of water falling from the sky.
How easy it seemed for these beings to accept,
to open their hearts; to surrender
to that beyond their control. To say:
I cannot do it alone, I need your help.

I leaned against the fir, my mind far from clear.
I, too, wanted to drink of the well, yet
my mouth remained parched as my shoulders grew wet.

I leaned against her roughened skin.
Wanting. Desperately wanting;
demanding in my need.

I leaned against her heart, tired; at last, defenseless.
There was nothing left. I lay down with the dead leaves and broken twigs
the damp earth on my cheek and let go

       and drank of the sweet moisture seeping into my soul.

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